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Top 10 Erotic Stories
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I can't keep up with my wife....
by Ryanluvsphonesex


She's 15 years younger than me and I've just been exhausted trying to keep her happy. I'm still like any other man, I want sex, but she needs it for hours, every day. If she doesn't cum 5 or 6 times in one session then she will be frustrated, she won't sleep and she'll be in a foul mood the next day.
What could I do? Was it time to get some help?

My wife, Renata is 25 and smoking hot, its not just me who says it. She has dark, straight hair that is just long enough to cover her boobs, which are a perky 34B. Her body is tight, with a toned flat stomach and long shapely legs. She wares subtle makeup and her brown eyes are truly striking with long lashes and a twinkle which says 'I want you'. I'm used to guys staring, and even hitting on her all the time when we are out. I used to get angry and confront these people, but now it just amuses me. She's a natural flirt, she'll talk and show off, let the guys get a good eyeful, but always leaves them frustrated.


I think she gets some sort of sadistic thrill from giving guys an erection and leaving them frustrated. She always has a naughty smile on her face if she's come back from the bar, flirted with a guy, run her finger down his chest and move in to kiss, only to pull away at the last minute and say 'Thanks for the drink my love'.


I met Renita in Russia 5 years ago when I was working there teaching English as a foreign language. She was a vodka bar waitress in Kirov where I was working. I got drunk there, she drove me home. After that, we met a few times, drank together and, one night after dinner and a few drinks she ended up back at my flat for another drink. This is when I first realised that this girl was an animal. She did not stop until past 7AM! I've never cum so many times in a row, I seriously thought I was spent a few times, she'd just get down and suck, keep sucking - I was sure after the 3rd hour that nothing was going to happen but the girl was like a Hoover, a warm, moist Hoover with a teasing, rolling tongue and luscious lips which felt pleasantly tight rising up the shaft and over the head of my cock. I was amazed when she managed to get my cock rock hard again, for the 5th time.

Now - any man reading this is going to be thinking, that sounds like a dream. Fast forward 5 years, she wants this most days. Its amazing, and we are very happy together, but, as with the plumbing or the building, theres nothing wrong with bringing in help when a few extra hands are needed to get a job done quickly and well, so... we started to talk about ways we could work it...


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The X Rated Job Interview
By Sophiebabe123


it was 8:48AM. I was waiting outside an office building in Clapham. I'd taken the train out from my sisters flat in the City center and walked up, by the common to find the building. The doors were locked but my interview wasn't until 9:30 so, as I couldn't get into the building to wait, I headed back to a coffee shop by the common which was open. As I waited in line for my late I started to feel tingly, in anticipation of the interview that was coming. I'd come to London to find design and marketing work and I had already been to 4 interviews and heard back from 3, two sorries and one offer, but the one offer was the one place I did not want to work at.... All these were in central London so this is the first time I'd ever taken the train out to one of the outer towns.

It wasn't a long journey to Clapham, but the pace of things seemed a little more relaxed here. The tables in the coffee shop were filled with young people in casual clothes, the usual smart suits, and people on macbooks tapping away. I got my coffee and went to find a table. I walked further into the shop and it seemed all the tables were taken. A man sitting a couple of tables away from where I was stood made eye contact. "Please, theres a space here if you don't mind sharing while I finish up... be my guest". I accepted and joined the considerate stranger at his table. He had a pot of tea, some milk, a bundle of paperwork in black plastic folders and a laptop bag on the table. He moved the laptop bag and pulled his other things towards him to make space for my coffee. "Thanks for that..." I said, "oh no problem" the man replied,"I have to leave in a few minutes anyway, I have a meeting in twenty minutes and I want to get a few things sorted before it". I'm Simon by the way. "Sophie", I replied smiling. He was really quite handsome. He had a laid back understated confidence, not cocky, just relaxed and assured. He was waring an expensive suit with an open shirt. I was sure by his look that he was a company director or someone in charge of something. I sipped on my coffee, him on his tea. Simon started to flick through his paperwork.


"Thats the logo for the new American restaurant chain thats launching in the UK this year... sorry, I didn't mean to intrude". Simon looked impressed, "Not at all, you must be in the restaurant business to know about this". "noooo, just have a geeky interest in brand artwork and design. I did a paper on the psychology of brand communication just a few months ago. This is the perfect example of a strong brand image. It represents everything about the restaurant and its food, is instantly recognisable as a silhouette, and is insanely simple. There was a study last year which proved that a well designed logo graphic could actually start the digestive process off subconsciously and make customers more hungry than they would have been if they hadn't seen the logo..... Sorry - I am a real geek". Simon smiled, "Oh me too, I love getting into every detail of a brands image. You know that everything down to the colours and the font on advertising material and menus and so forth has an impact on customer retention and spending". "Haha - a man as geeky about corporate design as me" I said, "We should get married" I said, with a laugh. Our eyes met, there was an awkward moment, then Simon laughed a little and took a big gulp of his tea. "Well... Sophie, wasn't it. It was very nice to meet you, usually I bore the pants off anyone I talk design at". "You can get inside my pants right here on the table if you want", was what my brain told my mouth to say. A very good job I have an effective filter and those words did not come out of my mouth. We exchanged a look and a smile as he collected his things and left.


A few minutes later, and feeling better for the distraction and the caffeine, I was sitting in the lobby of a marketing consultancy I deeply admired. I had used their projects and work obtained from their website, and by phoning and being as sweet as I could to one of the designers there for various presentations and papers I'd had to do at university so I was already very familiar with their work, a good start when you are applying for a job. It seemed like hours, but it was actually minutes and a kind looking lady appeared and asked me to come with her. I got up and nervously followed her to the lifts. There was a silence as we rose to the 4th floor.


Mr Tantalo's office is just down here, the kind lady said. We walked briskly down the corridor and she knocked. "Come in" said an oddly familiar voice from behind the door.


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My Sons best friend.
by MILF4U696969


I was pretty proud when Adam, my son earned a place on the counties under 16 rugby team. I never missed a game, unlike his wanker of a dad who sometimes turns up 2 weeks late with a Birthday card for him. The last time that happened there was a pretty bit blow up between the two and we've not seen the bastard since. I never said anything bad about the man in front of my son, thats probably why its taken them this long to fall out... but I was sure he'd make up his own mind sooner or later. I was young when I got pregnant, too young. It was two years before I caught James, my ex-boyfriend in bed with a big titted blonde bitch from work! She was moaning so loud when I came home early from a night out with the girls that I knew right away exactly what was going on upstairs. That was the end of our relationship.


The bitch tried to report me to the police, I had dragged her naked down the stairs by her bleached blonde hair, thrown her out of the front door and slapped her in the face - so she said. Some of this might have been true, but since the house was mine and after I had told her to get out, she was technically trespassing they didn't take the complaint seriously. She also told the police it was my fault she got molested by drunk students on the way back from the pub. Apparently they asked if she was a hooker and started grabbing her tits.


She was naked, and in the middle of a street at 10PM on a Friday night so I guess that was going to happen, luckily the couple opposite had been looking out of their window - they saw the bitch letting 3 guys touch and fondle while she wanked two of them off. They then gave her some money and she got into a taxi - the cheap slut, I guess she's resourceful though. As soon as that statement was given, the police actually gave her a warning for wasting their time.


Now I'm 30 and Adam, my son is 14, the whole thing is funny in retrospect. I'm not angry any more, if anything, it was partly my fault for not listening to my mother, my friends, my uncle and my brother when they all said James was a tosser. They told me about the girls he'd fuck, I actually fell out with my brother over it because I believed James over him. Its all history now though and I am having a lot of fun in my life these days.

I'm not blowing my own trumpet, I'm 30 but I look younger. I get IDd for alcohol for fucks sake... but I guess theres part of me that likes that. I have no shortage of attention - when I do go out, its with friends from work, or a group of girls. Guys don't tend to approach us - but when I split away from the pack I get hit on a lot. It makes me feel good, its always great knowing that theres a good fucking available when you need it, but sometimes the best fucking of your life comes when you least expect it....


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Breakup, Threesome and Revenge
by RaNdYGuRl


I was way too young when I got pregnant. I thought I was old enough, at the time my boyfriend and my baby were the only two things I could see in my future and I was certain that I'd never want anything more. When Adam, my son was 2 Matt, my boyfriend had offered to stay in so that I could go out with the girls on a Friday night. I should have known something wasn't right because he'd never do anything nice like that unless there was something in it for him. This was the first night out I'd had since Adam was born though, so I didn't argue... That day had been long, I was up when Adam started screaming in the morning, early. Dropped him off at nursery and worked for half a day, picked the baby up and the rest of the day involved washing, cleaning, ironing... all those fun things Matt thinks happen by magic. After that day, I was tired, my head hurt, and I just wanted some quiet time.


I assured myself a few drinks and some adult company would soon sort me out though, so I met up with the girls as planned and we wasted no time getting on the cocktails and the shots. My headache never really went away, although it was feeling a little better I was still tired so, when the girls decided to move to a louder venue I made my excuses and got into a taxi. I was home around 10:30, let myself in expecting to find Matt on the sofa in his underwear, holding a can of beer and playing Xbox. The living room was empty though. Then I heard noises coming from upstairs.


The cunt had a girl up there, she was moaning and screaming. Fuck! I did wonder why he was so keen for me to have a night out, after all, he'd never offered before. I was about to storm up the stairs, all guns blazing and burst in there, but I stopped. What if I could have a little fun with this. I had started to think about breaking up with James anyway, I was nearly 19, and had started to doubt the desirability and sexiness of a man who spent his evenings playing X Box games or hanging out in car parks at night, showing off his pimped out silica with stupid blue lights everywhere and a sound system that could have paid for a years worth of nursery. No, we were breaking up anyway, so why not have some fun, and maybe get some revenge at the same time.

I was waring a little red dress that clung to my curves and showed off all the best bits, underneath my dress I was waring partially see through, matching red underwear. Yes, I felt sexy! I wasn't out on the pull, but since it was the first time out in the real world for a while, I wanted to see what sort of attention I'd get. And I did get attention. I was feeling pretty confident and self assured actually, despite coming home early, this is probably why things went down the way they did.

I crept upstairs, let the right strap of my dress slip over my shoulder and pulled the dress down a little, revealing some of my red, see through bra. I put my head slowly around the corner of our bedroom door, and there she was, on top of Matt, completely naked and riding him, moaning loudly. Nether of them had seen me so I crept slowly inside the room.


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The Phone Sex Romance
by kirstychick


My names Kirsty, I'm 30. Since I broke up with my X I've been spending a load of time in chat rooms on the internet in the evening. I'm still going out with my friends a lot, having loads of fun... but in the week after work, I'll have the telly on and my laptop on the sofa with me, chatting away to random people. I've got to know a few of the guys in the room quite well... and one in particular has been DMing me for a while. He says his name's Steve, it might be, but who knows, this isn't real life is it. Its just an escape, well thats how I think about it anyway.

Steve and I have just been chatting about all sorts of stuff, X partners, work, films, music and all the usual stuff. I don't know when it happened exactly, but the online chat started to get flirty and more and more sexy as time went on. It did get to a point where I'd actually start to feel quite turned on as we were talking. Fuck it, I thought... he can't get my address from a mobile number, and if he turns out to be a psycho I can just change my sim, I'm one of those girls who changes her mobile number once in a while, fresh start, ex friends an fuck buddies can't bug me and all that. So I asked him.... wanna call me? He said really.... yeah, I want to hear your voice. So he called.

Steve told me that our chat online had started to get him hard... he sounded different than I expected, a deep, smooth sexy voice with a little bit of a Scottish accent, but barely noticeable. I told him that I'd started feeling playful, and a little bit horny so thats why I wanted him to phone.

"What are you waring Kirsty?", "Really? Ok... I look like a slob, I climbed out of my work clothes and I'm on the sofa with PJ bottoms and a loose T-shirt".

"Mmmm, Perfect". Said Steve, "Thats sexy, good for letting my hands run all over your body, easy to get under your clothes" he said, obviously with a smile in his voice.

I'd already started running my hand up and down my stomach, over my left breast and down, under my PJ's. "Well my hands will have to do the exploring for you since you're not here, but it will still be fun. Hows that cock?" "Oh its hard and getting harder for you"

"Well let me help, I want to kiss you, deeply... then your neck, chest, stomach... then I'll stop pull those pants off you and let that hard cock out. I'll gently stroke it while my tongue teases the tip..."

This was exciting Steve, a lot. The intensity of his breathing had grown and I could tell he was wanking on the other end. This just turned me on more though. I lost the PJ's, and the t'shirt. I was lying in my living room, on the sofa, completely naked. My fingers running up and down the inside of my leg, my clit and pussy tingling... ok it was time. I started teasing my clit with my right hand, I was wet.... I let a couple of fingers slide inside my pussy, sucked them... OMG it just tasted like sex - I was tingling all over as my hand returned to my pussy, alternating between rolling my finger around my swolen clit and fingering my self.

The phone had to go on hands free mode as I wanted both hands free for this....


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Hotel one night stand
by EllieB


I stay away from home a lot as part of my job, so I spend a lot of time in Hotels all over the UK. As a woman, alone it is a bit odd going to restaurants and bars on my own, so I tend to spend my evenings in the hotel, as long as they do hot food and have a bar, I'm happy.

I'd had a meal in the hotel restaurant after a long day at a clients office. My mind was still racing after the full on day I'd had so I went and sat in the bar and ordered a bottle of red wine. Yes, I know... a whole bottle... but I had been working hard and I only had to go back for an hour the next day before catching a train home.

I was sat at a long table, you know the ones where everyone just sits together. Actually I quite like bars that are set up like this because it encourages strangers to engage in conversation. This guy sat opposite me, he was waring a black casual shirt, unbuttoned at the top and jeans. He had long dark hair that covered part of his ears and thick stubble.

We struck up a conversation, he spoke in a southern Irish accent. It turned out he was staying in London while he supervised the building work on a new shopping center. There was something about him that sparked an interest in me. Spending a lot of evenings alone, I am used to guys thinking I'm fair game - it doesn't interest me. But when Luke and I had been talking for a while, drank my bottle of wine and two more he ordered, I was looking at him across the table with lust. All I wanted to do was rip his clothes off and see what was underneath.

We finished the last of the third bottle of wine, and Luke asked if I wanted to go hit the mini bar in his room. He'd been staying at the hotel for a month and they had upgraded him to a suite since it was quiet. I bet this man could charm his way to getting pretty much anything he wanted. We left the bar and grabbed the lift up to the top floor. Luke swiped his key a few times, and the anticipation was building as the door finally clicked and we went inside.

It was a nice room, the whole of the one side was floor to ceiling glass with a panoramic view of London, twinkling away. There was a sofa, two armchairs, a side cabinet with glasses, a phone and a fridge. Luke pulled a bottle of champaign out of the fridge and took two glasses down from the shelf. He poured and came to join me on the sofa.


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A Massage with a very happy ending
by PaulC


I needed to write about this experience. I can't even quite believe it happened myself so writing about it while its still fresh in my memory will help me when I look back and decide that it didn't really happen. I'd been driving for 5 hours, I was on the way back from visiting friends in France. I was with my brother and, we decided to stop in a small town about an hour from the ferry port. The town was typical of inland northern France, pretty and relaxed, a traditional central town square with the town hall taking pride of place and a memorial in the center.

My back and shoulders were tight, I had hired a car from Cardiff for this trip as my own was in the garage being repaired, and I couldn't get the seat right at all. We'd parked up for a rest, and wandered through the town, finding a Cafe to sit at. After lunch we were wandering around the town, just to let the food go down, and we passed a shop front with a large sign in the window. 'Massage' the sign read. I said to my brother Mike, OK - I have to see if they can fit me in - maybe they can fix my damn back, he agreed and said if I was having one he would as well.

We entered the shop and we were greeted by an Asian lady. We asked if she spoke English and she did. As soon as I said the word massage, she already started ushering us into a back room... the room was softly lit with partitions and curtains dividing it. Mike was taken into the area next to mine and I was shown into the room just in front of me. The lady told us both to undress and lie on our fronts.

Waiting, stripped down to my underwear and lying on the table face down I waited, until I heard the curtains open and close again. I looked around to see a stunning Asian girl, she smiled at me and introduced herself as Mali. "I take" she said while pulling my boxers down and placing a towel over my ass.

Her hands felt amazing. Her fingers traced the tension and put pressure on all the right parts. The pain in my shoulders and neck melted away under her magic touch. After 20 minutes or so, I'd lost track of time, her hands were gliding over my now oiled back, working on the lower back. She then started on my legs and thighs.

Her hands worked further up the inside of my leg, I felt the back of her hand touch my junk several times. I couldn't help it, I'd begun to get an erection. This continued for a while until she actually started running her fingertips along the side of my cock as she was massaging the top of my leg.

I was almost going to ask her to stop - this was driving me crazy when she said the magic words...

'You turn over now?... You want special treat?'


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I Pimped out my sister
by sexysuzie


We'd just moved to Leeds before the start of a university year. Myself and my twin sister, Tara had decided to share a flat rather than risk moving in with a house of strangers. Sure we fought, but it was never serious and we knew we could live together having shared a room all our lives. We were 18 now and we would actually be getting separate bedrooms in the 3 room flat we'd rented.

We were excited as we carried our boxes up the stairs, one by one from the van our uncle had borrowed from work for the day. Our dad was also there, he'd bought us in the car while Uncle Jon had driven the van behind us. The four of us carried the last of the boxes and bags up the stairs, then sat in the bare common room which was an open plan living room and kitchen. I was digging around in boxes trying to find the brand new 'Asda Value' kettle that Dad had bought for us. We also had an 'Asda Value' microwave, toaster and coffee machine, all in their boxes, amongst the things that were piled in the center of the room.

"Ahh, the kettle", I said as I saw a glimpse of the kettles box and pulled it out. "Here's coffee and some milk", Tara said pulling random things out of a cold bag. "ok", I said "Lets have a coffee and take in our surroundings for a minute".

After spending a while recovering from all the trips up and down the stairs, and sipping on hot coffee, Dad and Uncle Jon left us to it... I think they were planning to park up at Jon's work and go for a few drinks. Both of them were single, mum had left when we were little and Jon had been fucking a Filipino lady boy every year when he visited the Philippines on business. The Girl-Boy in question ended up tracking down Jon's home number and telling our Aunt that they were in love and that she'd better get used to it. The whole thing was quite a scandal. Uncle Jon still says he thought she was a girl.... We pretend to agree with him, even though we know he's lying - the kinky dog!

So we were alone now, in our own space, no Dad, no friends anywhere near. I think we both felt an odd mixture of sadness and excitement.

We'd now been living in Leeds for a month. I'll leave out the details - but me and Tara were sat on our sofa, heads pounding, on Sunday... afternoon, I think wondering where we'd gone wrong.

"Suz, we have to calm down I think" Tara said. "You do realise that the money we drank away last night was meant for the rent, which is due Wednesday". "I know I know, we talked about this last night and a believe your words were 'fuck the fucking fuck fuck rent fuck... down this and stop being a girl'". "Hmmmmmm", Tara replied with a smile. "I may have said something like that... but I think you might be quoting me out of context to manipulate my words for your own agenda...". "What?!". We both laughed. "Listen", I said. "We are both grown up... I know how we can get the rent by Wednesday... How many times have we been hit on since we were in Leeds? I reckon there are plenty of guys who would pay to fuck you". "Oh yeah, and whys it gotta be me". "'cos it was my idea, I'll go next time". "Fuck, you're serious about this aren't you...... OK... you are in charge though - you have to be selective... If you choose me a slimy asshole, I get to choose you one even worse when its my turn to play pimp". "And if I choose you a fucking hot hunk of a ride, then you have to do the same for me next time?". "Oh I see how this could be a fun game...." Tara said.


And so the fun begins.


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Hot Tub Jerk Off At the Gym
by 90sgirl


Seriously, my friend Michelle is a slut. I got her a free day pass to my gym so we could have a girly day, couple of treatments, workout, swim and some spa time.

She wore the sluttiest swimming costume I think she could find. There was nothing left to the imagination. Michelle is 5'2 and blonde. Shes got a flat tummy and skinny legs, I've always been jealous of her figure - but I make up for it by not being a short ass! She's got 32D Boobs, which look pretty big considering she's a small girl...

OK, so we're sitting in the hot tub... there are two at the end of the pool, partly partitioned by frosted glass. Its darker in the tubs, with mood lighting creating a relaxing atmosphere. You get a good view of the poolside shower from a particular spot in the hot tub. We were both occupying this spot when a guy walks into the spa area with a towel, hangs the towel up and gets under the poolside shower. This guy is stacked, he had some cool ink on his arms and a pretty well defined six pack. Without knowing it Mich and I were both staring as he ran his hands up and down his chest in the shower and then jumped in the pool.

"Soph, is it wrong to be a little wet". Haha, the dirty bitch. "Eww... I'm in the same tub as you, minger!" We both laughed, we didn't notice that the man we'd been perving over was heading our way.

As he grabbed the hand rail to climb into the hot tub with us biceps and pecks bulged and twitched a little. Michelle looked at me with a little dirty smile.

"Hia...", I said... wanting to break the ice early. "Alright?". the man replied. He sat next to Michelle and stretched his legs out, sinking low into the bubbly water. Michelle was staring. "You look like you're here a lot.... can I feel your arms?" "Jeez Mich", I said. "You're not afraid of being forward are you....." The guy laughed. "Go on if you want... Look I'll flex them for you...".

Michelle giggled as she ran her hands over the strangers arms as he made his muscles bulge for her. I must admit I was quite enjoying the show as well. Michelle ran a finger over the guys right peck... "hmmm - muscular and firm.. ooh", she squealed as the man flexed his pecks.

"Yeah - this is me right after a workout - its always all pumped up. You wouldn't be so impressed if you saw me tomorrow morning". "I know I'd be impressed.... and I'd also be very excited if I wore up with you tomorrow morning.....".

"Don't mind my friend, she's a whore...". Mich splashed me in the face and we all had a laugh. "Oh my god" I had just seen this guys shorts. "Is that and air bubble in your shorts or are you enjoying the hot tub a little too much" I said. "hmmm oh yeah", said Michelle.... "Can we touch it and find out?". The guy was speechless as I changed positions to sit on his left side, Michelle on his right. I ran my finger down the guys chest and onto his swimming shorts, my finger tip gingerly running closer to the bulge. I withdrew quickly. "Nope, not air" I said with a smile, slightly embarrassed I'd just done that to a complete stranger in my gym. Michelle on the other hand had no shame and her hand was right over. She grabbed it, I could now see the outline of a hard cock through the gaps in the bubbles.... it must have been about 7 or 8 inches.... "Well that kills the stories about muscular men having small willies" Michelle said.


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My first dogging experience
by Tara_Needs_Sex


I'm Tara, I'm mixed race and with a size 8 figure and natural 34C boobs. I have long black hair which naturally curls if I don't straighten it and a tight but curvy ass that loves to be smacked.

There's a car park about 5 miles from my place where people meet up for sex with strangers, so I was told. I'd never really believed it, the place is up a hill, about half a mile away from a pub but other than that, in the middle of nowhere.

I'd always been curious... and several times I must admit, I'd imagined a scenario where I'd put on a sexy skimpy top, a short skirt with no knickers and drive up there to see what was happening. I never had the courage though, especially not on my own.

The subject of dogging actually came up when I was having a drink with one of my best mates Chris.... he said he'd actually driven into the carpark one evening with a mate. He'd bet a fiver that there'd be nothing going on. He lost! He said they watched a couple fucking in the back seat of the car - they knew that Chris and his friend were watching and even showed off.... Chris says they just watched from the car, I'm still not sure if thats true but I'll go with it if he doesn't want to tell me what really happened.

After another drink I decided my curiosity was just too much, "Lets go check it out now... if there are people fucking I wanna watch, see if they're any good". "Serious?", "Yeah - lets go, but lets ask for some beers to take with us".

So, myself and Chris went in his car, up the Woodgrove hill, and pulled into the secluded, woody car park, hidden from the main road by the trees and the fact it was on a downward slope. There were 2 other cars parked, one with the internal light on. YES! 3 people sat in the back, 2 guys and a girl. The girl saw me and Chris and beaconed us over. "Think we should Chris" I said... but I was already getting wet just thinking about getting a closer look at what was going on........


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